What If We Could Have Endless Amounts of Sustainable Energy?

Moventas is the wind turbine gearbox expert, lowering the cost of energy and making wind power more competitive. Get to know more about Moventas.

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Moventas Multibrand Service

Industry leading repair solutions that lower our customers O&M costs, without compromising product quality.

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Wind Gearbox Technology & Innovation

In-house technologies and methods, such as case carburizing, integrated planet and journal bearings, ensure a competitive solution for lifetime costs of gearboxes.

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Exceed Evo – Your Launchpad to the Future

Exceed Evo offers +35% improvement on torque density compared to the conventional wind turbine gearbox design and +15% increase from the first version of Exceed. As a flexible product the new and improved Exceed offers a technology roadmap to all Multi-megawatt upgrades.

Exceed Evo

Wind Gearbox
Multi-brand Services

We offer a wide range of replacement gearboxes and spare parts for various turbine platforms. We also repair and upgrade most of the commonly used gearbox models by all well-known manufacturers.

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Technology & innovation

Moventas has the most innovative product platform in wind turbine gearbox markets. Learn more of our approach on design and innovation.

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