Moventas Gears Oy is now Flender Finland Oy

Since 2022 Moventas and Winergy have been growing closer and stronger together, as part of the acquisition of Moventas Gears Oy by Flender GmbH.

One such exciting step has been the official renaming of Moventas Gears Oy to Flender Finland Oy.
Our site in Jyväskylä Finland is now officially a part of the Flender family and its wind brand Winergy’s service network – offering leading multibrand drivetrain services to our customers.

This also means that it is time for us to bid farewell to

In the future you can find the latest information and industry leading service portfolios, covering legacy Moventas products, at our new Winergy Service360 homepage

It’s not a goodbye, but an excited “Check this out!”