Cast optimization by manufacturing simulation tools

Moventas is looking for a M.Sc. thesis worker for topic of “Mechanical properties, characterization and simulation of thick-walled ductile iron components”. The task of your M.Sc. thesis work is to find correlation between simulation and the real world of large ductile iron castings. You will be spearheading one of our brand-new research projects from start to finish, with the help of our team of top experts of the field. This work will require presence in our Jyväskylä facilities to better coordinate the team efforts.

This topic is necessary to answer the growing need in gearbox design to get more out of the used materials. At its basics, the mechanical properties data used for the finite element method (FEM) analysis is based on values provided in the respective standard. This value is often a safe value, referring to lowest expected properties in the casting. Using simulation software to predict local mechanical properties in the casting could allow for higher design stresses for cast components, thus allowing optimized design.

The work will be divided into three parts:

  1. Literature review of simulation programs and possibilities, microstructure of ductile cast irons and solidification of cast irons. Discussing the topics with our supplier base is also necessary
  2. Prepare a simulation with previously test pieces to expect mechanical properties in the components. Mechanical testing, microstructural examination and characterization of cast irons.
  3. Examination of results, connecting the solidification parameters with mechanical properties. Compare simulation results to those provided by our supplier base. Propose a plan of simulation program implementation into Moventas gearbox design process and for future research.

M.Sc. student with major or minor in material science or mechanical engineering with material background is recommended.

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