Response analysis of structural parts and systems by FE methods


Moventas is looking for a M.Sc. thesis worker in the theme of “Machine dynamics, drivetrain component tonality mechanism in a wind turbine”. The scope of your M.Sc. thesis will be adjusted based on your competence area; correlation between simulated model and the actual gearbox dynamic behavior in the wind turbine will be the main focus. You will be a member of a long-term development task to minimize the tonality risk in early phase of the design process with advanced and calibrated simulation methods. This work will require presence in our Jyväskylä facilities to make it easier to co-operate with inhouse experts.

The example themes for machine dynamics area:

  • Vibrational harmonic response analysis of gearbox housing
    • Determination of the excitation force level
    • Development of FE modelling practices in vibrational analysis
    • Correlation between simulated vibration behavior and noise
  • Compare the gearbox excited pure tones and estimated wind turbine background noise in order to evaluate the tonality risk and propose acceptance criteria for test rig behavior
  • Comparison of the simulated results to measurements from the test rig and wind park and proposal for design process

M.Sc. student is recommended to have background with mechanical engineering and simulation.

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