Bearings, the old new technology

the old new technology

Bearings are found in many applications that we use daily. From bicycles and cars to our kitchen appliances and tools. They play an important role in the functioning of our everyday lives. In fact, bearings have played a role in our lives for thousands of years, at the use of wheeled vehicles and contraptions to move large weights. The first modern patent is credited to Philip Vaughan of a ball-bearing design back in 1794.

Where there is spinning, there are bearings, and wind is no exception. Since the first kW wind specific gearboxes to the modern multimegawatt variants, bearings and bearing technology play a crucial role in producing electricity.

From kW to MMW

Moventas has spent decades developing and analyzing different bearing configurations and solutions. The kW series of wind gearboxes saw the use of spherical roller bearings. With the growing power levels, upgrades also took place to ensure reliable operational conditions. The move to the megawatt classes also saw a shift in bearing technology, towards cylindrical bearings. As turbine sizes and gearbox requirements grew, the move was made to include tapered roller bearings in defined positions.

Wind gearboxes and their components today see huge loads transfer through them. Which is why Moventas continues to analyze and model different configurations and material science, including bearing solutions. Working together with suppliers in combination with laboratory analysis and field testing, Moventas has developed robust processes that continue to improve the operational lifetime of bearings. Our material, coating and manufacturing adaptations have now for years helped minimize the occurrence of white etching cracking and increased load carrying capacities.

Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution

Our next bearing solution, the Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution, will provide the next evolutionary step in wind gearbox bearing technology. A solution, that is based on over 40 years of wind drivetrain experience, from the drawing board to the real-life field applications around the world.

Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution not only vastly increases the bearing lifetime, up to 40 years and more, but also enables the control of the size envelope of the gearbox. This enables both the support of the next generation of turbine classes, as well as aids in the challenge of logistics.

Moventas Exceed Evo+ introduces the Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution

With smart wind gearbox drivetrain development and world class leading engineering Moventas helps increase the availability of clean wind energy worldwide.


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