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Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring System (CMS)

Even if wind as a resource is free, wind turbines still require an effective operations and maintenance schedule. Condition monitoring systems (CMS) have been widely used in the industrial and transport industries for decades. CMS technology has entered the wind energy industry in the past ten years...

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Quality assurance at Moventas

Wind turbine gearboxes are a key component in wind turbines, which places high quality requirements on them. In the fast growing market for wind power systems, quality assurance has a crucial role. Therefore, supply chain management isa key focus area in all industries that operate and manufacture a...

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Key developments in wind turbine gearbox technologies

Bearings are a critical component of wind turbine gearbox operation. Exposure to high loads during operation means bearing solutions represent a crucial role in gearbox reliability. For quite some time now, journal bearings, also known as plain bearings, have already been successfully applied in oth...

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High-quality spare parts for gearboxes directly from the OEM

Did you know that Moventas offers high-quality spare parts and repair kits to several gearbox brands in multiple wind turbine platforms? Our multi-brand offering in service means that we are not only capable of repairing and upgrading gearboxes from other manufacturers, but we also hold inventori...

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Moventas awarded at Nordex Group Supplier Day

Moventas was honored this week at the Nordex/Acciona Supplier Day. This was the first supplier day since the Nordex and Acciona Windpower merger was completed earlier this year. Nordex/Acciona recognized the suppliers for their performance in different categories. Moventas was awarded as “Strateg...

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