Exceed Evo+ recognized for technology and innovation

Windpower Monthly has revealed their Turbines of the Year 2020 awards, which covers several categories from onshore and offshore turbines to drivetrains and innovations. Moventas in the 2020 Drivetrain category made it again to the top drivetrains category with the Moventas Exceed Evo+ gearbox, which was revealed to the public in December 2020.

Moventas Exceed Evo+ was awarded for breaking the 200Nm/kg torque density barrier along with the Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution. Exceed Evo+ was also commentated for representing technological innovation in combination with key performance characteristics. With modular adaptability Exceed Evo+ ensures optimal wind turbine operations in all geographical conditions and wind regimes.

Exceed Evo+ builds upon the success of the Exceed platform, first introduced at the 2014 Hamburg Wind Energy expo. The Exceed platform represented, and continues to represent, a new type of thinking of wind gearbox engineering, where validated gearbox solutions were further optimized while achieving a compact size envelope. Windpower Monthly also awarded the Exceed Evo in 2018 for its drivetrain innovations, such as the use of the patented flexspider solution.

Exceed Evo also introduced the use of journal bearings. Exceed Evo+ continues Moventas’ decade long research and testing efforts into providing the best possible and long-lasting bearing solution. Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution offers a calculated lifetime of 40 years, bringing operational lifetime as well as operations & maintenance advantages to turbine owners.

Exceed Evo+

Exceed Evo+ modular designed enables it to serve current and upcoming turbine drivetrain needs. Available in medium and high-speed configurations with material level adjustability, Exceed Evo+ is suitable for all geographical, wind class, climate, and electric grid conditions. Exceed Evo+ combines Moventas’ 40 years of wind gearbox know-how into an industry leading product for turbine manufacturers.

Read the full Windpower Monthly article here.

Exceed Exceed Evo Exceed Evo+


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