Exceed Evo+

The next step in the industry leading Exceed wind gearbox technology platform. Based on 40-years of validated technology and expertise. Offering the wind industry modularization on the material level.

Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution

A validated bearing technology with a calculated bearing lifetime of up to 40-years. Ensuring your assets keep producing energy,

Global Manufacturing

Technological, material level innovations, and supply chain considerations that enable global manufacturing.

Torque Density

Breaking the 200+ Nm/Kg line and beyond.

Wind gearbox of the future

Exceed Evo+ continues Moventas’ trend setting path to provide leading gearbox solutions, today. Proven design and material choices, that unite product performance and manufacturing flexibility for your benefit. Offering product adaptability across different turbine types, climates, wind classes, and geographies. The Exceed Evo+ with its Orbit Bearing Solution guarantees you a peace of mind, ensuring your assets produce electricity, reliably and predictably, for their entire life cycle.

Validated Technology


  • Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution
  • Optimized number of planet gears
  • High quality materials
  • High strength planet carrier

The Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution

With a calculated bearing lifetime of up to 40-years, brings the total gearbox lifecycle value to a whole new level. Combined with higher load carrying capacities and maximized reliability and performance Exceed Evo+ brings you Moventas’ unique experience and engineering know-how to your assets.

Wind gearbox to match your needs!

Exceed Evo+ modular designed enables it to serve current and upcoming turbine drivetrain needs. Available in medium and high-speed configurations with material level adjustability, Exceed Evo+ is suitable for all geographical, wind class, climate, and electric grid conditions. Exceed Evo+ combines Moventas’ 40 years of wind gearbox know-how into an industry leading product for turbine manufacturers.

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Drivetrain Partnership

Roadmap & APQP4Wind

The Exceed Evo+ is a part of our future proof product roadmap. Offering not only leading torque density, but validated technology solutions that ensure operational reliability but bring cost benefits throughout the supply chain. APQP4Wind implementation was taken into account already during the concept design phase, with component and supply chain validation

Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution

Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution is based on years of technical information gathered with our 1st generation journal bearing solution. The Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution upgrade is a robust and validated bearing system, with a calculated lifetime of up to 40 years. In ideal conditions, the Moventas Orbit™ Bearing System offers an potentially infinite bearing lifetime.

Global Manufacturability

The combined effect of the solutions in Exceed Evo+ is translated to global manufacturability. This does not only bring cost value gains, but also brings the supply chain closer to our customers, as well as significantly improves component availability and production volumes. APQP4Wind also guarantees efficient communication and quality standards across the supply chain.

Validated technology

Exceed Evo+ introduces improvements on technologies based on validated and field tested concepts. Moventas has over a decade of experience with the underlying technology of the Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution, and four decades of experience with providing the maximum gearbox efficiency and reliability with a compact form factor.

200+ Leading Torque Density

Ever since Moventas introduced the concept of torque density for wind gearboxes, we have been pushing the envelope further and further – with zero sacrifices in product reliability. Exceed Evo+ is no exception, approaching and surpassing the new industry benchmark of the 200+ Nm/kg torque density value. Moventas engineering know-how is able to design and manufacture the smallest form factor gearbox in the market, bringing several cost benefits to our customers.

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