Exceed Series – Lowering the LCoE of Wind Turbines with Light Weight and High Torque Density

Highest torque carrying capacity product platform for high and medium speed drivetrains in 3 MW and up.

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New Exceed 4MW+ Gearbox

A new Exceed 4MW+ gearbox has successfully completed long-time overload test. The new 4MW+ gearbox continues the success of Moventas technology roadmap to implement the proven Moventas technologies with new innovations and design methods in the Exceed Series to lower cost of energy in wind power generation.


Exceed provides competitive edge by lowering the LCoE of wind turbines

20% more torque density

Improving torque density is our R&D’s main goal and it directly influences the levelized cost of energy. Wind power’s competitiveness is why we do this.

10% smaller size

Highly optimized components such as castings enable over 10% mass savings with improved castability. Our core technologies support the target of decreasing gearbox weight.

100% proven technology

We would never mess with the safety factors. Our designs are based on over 35 years of experience in the industry. Every design is verified by simulation and testing.

100 % Dynamic match

We secure turbine good sound behaviour by adjusting gear properties with drivetrain requirements in all of our Exceed designs . Exceed is an excellent selection for noise critical sites.

Highlights of the technology

  • Flexspider load sharing
  • Integrated planet bearings
  • Optimized number of planet wheels
  • Improved casted components
  • Special materials for more torque dense gearwheels
  • Selected modules focus on mass savings

Introducing our high torque density series for outstanding performance

Exceed has the highest torque carrying capacity and smaller size achieved by optimized number of planet wheels, flexspider load sharing system, integrated bearings, and optimized large casted components.

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