FusionDrive®, the industry’s smartest gear and generator combination revealed during Husum

Moventas, one of the industry’s leading wind gear manufacturers, and The Switch, a leading supplier of megawatt-class permanent magnet generator and full-power converter packages, will today reveal a showpiece of the industry’s smartest wind gear and generator combination, FusionDrive®. The real-life size 3 MW FusionDrive® will be on show at the joint stand of Moventas and The Switch during the Husum WindEnergy 2012 event.

Husum WindEnergy 2012, Husum, Germany – 18 September, 2012

Developed over the past three years, the first FusionDrive® is now in production. Moventas and The Switch received their first commercial order for the combo in April 2012 from Germany-based DeWind, a subsidiary of DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering co ltd.).

Scalable to any power class, FusionDrive® is the answer to the challenge of turbines needing to be bigger in size and power, while the race is on to lower the cost of energy. Using reliable medium-speed wind power generation technology, FusionDrive® is the smallest and lightest combination of gear and generator. Studies have confirmed that it is a technically optimized solution to keep the rotational speed limited.

What is perhaps most important to both the turbine manufacturer and the energy provider, FusionDrive® enables the highest energy yield as well as the best serviceability in the market, as all its components are changeable in the nacelle. This significantly reduces O&M costs in both the construction phase and over the entire lifecycle of the machinery.

This October, the gear and generator combination will start undergoing extensive testing at the Moventas Technology Center in Finland, after individual testing of the gear by Moventas and the generator by The Switch. As all Moventas wind gears, FusionDrive® always undergoes a reliability test in addition to conventional prototype testing, including simulation of extreme conditions on both the sub-system and component level, as well as an accelerated endurance test at elevated loads.

The first delivery of the FusionDrive® will be made to DeWind in March 2013.

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