What the Future Holds

Leading Wind Drivetrain Service

The goal is simple, by joining forces Moventas and Winergy strengthen their position as the leading global wind drivetrain service provider for wind asset owners, big and small.

Moventas Ikola is to become the leading one-stop-shop service hub to provide multibrand drivetrain services to the wind industry.

Combining forces

As the industry has heard, Flender completed its acquisition of Moventas in 2022. Moventas and Flender’s wind division, Winergy, are now closely cooperating and combining forces to offer unprecedented wind drivetrain service capabilities.

This cooperation brings our combined wind experience to over 80-years, with both companies bringing over 40 years to the table. Not to mention both organizations history in industrial manufacturing excellence.

The combination of forces isn’t just about putting names on paper. Processes are being aligned and best practices chosen from both parties. Just recently, Winergy service sales representatives visited Jyväskylä, Finland, to discuss and share ideas between the two companies service and sales approaches and how true Multibrand Drivetrain Service can be achieved.

Moventas and Winergy Service Sales teams working together.

“We’re thrilled to have achieved this business position – offering over 80 years of combined product development, and especially a robust multibrand service experience to end users. The ability to offer one-stop-shop drivetrain services to the market is a great value add, and we’re looking forward to working with our customers globally!”

Antti Turunen
Head of Global Service,

A change in winds

A key change in the core business of Moventas will be the shift towards concentrating in providing leading drivetrain services. Moventas state-of-the-art Ikola facility is being transformed and will become the benchmark for how wind service is conducted in the future.

Existing capital production facilities are now geared towards the service market and customer’s service needs. This means on-site parts production in combination with a robust serial manufacturing quality management system, robotics, automation, and global supply chain management.

The Ikola facility is being transformed into a world leading service hub.


True Multibrand from A to Z

All of the above translates to one thing – a one-stop-shop for wind turbine drivetrain service like you’ve never seen before.

Moventas and Winergy will cover the markets largest fleet of turbine platforms, gearboxes, generators, and couplings. We understand that wind sites can have a mixture of drivetrain assets in the same turbine platform, or even several turbine platforms. This can be a headache to plan operations and maintenance around. Which is exactly why we want to offer a one-stop-drivetrain-shop for replacement units, spare parts, up-tower, down-tower, workshop, trainings, condition monitoring, asset management, couplings, generators, digital services, and the list goes on; if you need it, we’ve got it!

“At Moventas we have been providing Multibrand services for a long time now. With the combination of industry leader Winergy portfolio and a global footprint, we can provide wider and faster services not just to customers in Scandinavia, but locally worldwide.

As Moventas’ Ikola service centre in Finland is concentrating on providing repairs and parts manufacturing for the global workshop network needs, this benefits customers globally by enabling faster delivery times and better planning to lower the cost of energy.”

Teemu Hyytiäinen
Head of Service,


Digitalization of the future

A strong emphasis is placed on digitalization services. Especial emphasis is placed on predictive digitalization analysis – combining the benefits and expertise of Winergy and Moventas digitalization know-how.

Condition Monitoring is a word that’s been used for years. We however prefer to think of it as asset management. Providing end users the ability to predict remaining component lifetime forecasting and asset optimization possibilities from the main shaft to the gearbox and generator. Let’s take the guesswork out of Operations and Maintenance.

“Thanks to Moventas’ strong experience in field and up-tower service, thousands of vibration analyses, and endoscopies on all major gearbox brands, combined with Winergy’s strong experience in the development of digital platforms and diagnostic algorithms – it will finally be possible to offer a dashboard that allows you to view the real operational status of your turbine.

By combining information from different diagnostic systems and techniques, a new standard for monitoring the entire drivetrain will be provided. The user will always be supported by our on-site technicians as well as by our training courses.

Most importantly a platform will be provided to our customers that will enable them to make the best possible O&M decisions based on real data, driven by multibrand engineering expertise.

Decades of shared technician and engineering experience will finally be available to our customers under one roof.”

Lorenzo Monaco
Global Field Service & Condition Monitoring,


Moventas Legacy products

Moventas will continue to service and honour our existing serial gearbox fleets around the world. Be it an older PLH-300 series, PLH-1700, or a multimegawatt Moventas product – you can rest easy, we will take care of it for years to come.

Moventas legacy product portfolio extends over 40 years of wind gearboxes.

Going forwards

What does all of this mean for our customers? Fast, agile, and local service – around the globe!

We’re excited of this new chapter in wind! Not just for us, but for what it means to the wind industry service and operations and management in general. We believe service should be easy, no matter where you are and what assets you have.

Reach out to us at Moventas or Winergy if you have a service inquiry or would like to know more.


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