Moventas and Danish Wind Power Academy partnership to offer unique wind turbine training

Moventas and Danish Wind Power Academy (DWPA) have united forces and cooperate in bringing the wind industry’s best turbine and gearbox expert training – with our first training session in February! Benefit from several types of courses, ranging from general gearbox maintenance to the specific vibration monitoring

“With this co-operation we are able to support owners and operators to maintain
their gearboxes with proper care in order to maximize turbine availability.
There is a clear demand for this kind of activity in the market.
Moventas and DWPA share the same vision: to help the wind industry to
gain a competitive advantage through preventive maintenance approach.
We are looking forward to see many customers in the upcoming trainings.”
Teemu Hyytiäinen, VP Sales and Commercial Operations.

Teemu Hyytiäinen, Lorenzo Monaco and Danilo Scamonatti from Moventas formalized the cooperation relationship with Carsten L. Andersen and Soren Nygaard from the Danish Wind Power Academy at Moventas’ Italian training facility on 6th of September 2019.

This cooperation represents over 70 years of combined wind turbine and gearbox expertise. Moventas and DWPA will reinforce each other by providing unique training opportunities for our clients. The training sessions, lasting 3-5 days, include both theoretical, technical, and hands on portions, with instructors and guest speakers from selected sub-suppliers. The material and case examples are updated and customized to customer needs. Courses are available for all types of operators: Owners & Operators, 3rd party ISP, sub-suppliers and turbine OEMs.

“We started our gearbox training courses back in 2007 with the aim to extend lifetime on
this expensive and important main component through quality inspections
in a timely manner to be able to act in time with retrofits and repairs, that would
avoid the extensive unplanned breakdowns.
Besides the inspections we also train for correct understanding of damage development,
and the systems around the gearbox, such as pitch and converter systems.
Even though gearbox quality today is significantly higher than back then,
we still need to inspects our gearboxes and keep a professional and preventive
maintenance approach to get the best possible lifetime out of today´s extremely high loaded gearboxes. ”
Carsten L. Andersen, Managing Director & CEO of DWPA

The training opportunities and expertise from DWPA and Moventas covers all major wind turbine OEMs, over 80 turbine models and 60+ gearbox types, with the option for customized training: from kW to MW class turbine and gearbox platforms. Benefit from the worldwide experience of a technology leading gearbox OEM and service provider, and the premier industry-training organization. Training sessions are available around the world, as well as at Moventas’ specialized Italian training facility.

“As a service provider our aim is to serve our customers with the right knowledge,
allowing them to run their asset in the best possible way as well as predict possible problems.
This cooperation is a step forward in this direction and it will be a pleasure
to share our competence with our customers.”
Monaco Lorenzo, VP Service, Southern & Central Europe.

Both Moventas and DWPA are driven by providing our customers the best training solutions and the latest information available. Keep your assets running reliably and maintain your and your operations & maintenance staff’s know-how – reach out to enquire about your training session!

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