Moventas announces Mobile Workshop Tour in North America

Moventas, the world’s leading wind gear manufacturer and service provider, has announced a multicity tour of the company’s innovative mobile workshop in North America. The tour started from Spearville, Kansas, yesterday.

During the Mobile Workshop Tour, wind farm owners and operators will have the opportunity to see the self-contained, climate controlled workshop first hand and gain a better understanding of its operations. After starting from Kansas, the Mobile Workshop Tour will travel to Iowa next week, Illinois and Minnesota, before heading west to visit key customers and prospects in Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and California.

Designed by Moventas, the mobile workshop extends up-tower service by providing a clean, well equipped workspace on-site, reducing maintenance costs by migrating service work from the workshop to the turbine. The workshop is outfitted with a retractable roof, a power generator, plumbed air lines, a parts wash basin, an induction heater, cutting and welding capabilities, and proprietary up-tower tools.

Moventas offers full helical repair, including the high speed, intermediate and low speed gears and bearings as well as the planetary sun pinion. The ability to repair the entire helical side of the gearbox up-tower greatly reduces maintenance costs by utilizing small cranes in place of large capacity boom and tail cranes. Repair times are collapsed by eliminating the need to ship gears to and from service centers and weather delays are mitigated with fewer lifts and smaller components.

In addition to its workshops in Big Spring, Portland, OR and Cambridge, Canada, Moventas also recently announced it will open an additional service workshop in St Paul, Minnesota by 1 February, 2015.

Antti Turunen
Senior Vice President, Service

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