Moventas announces a significant investment to increase its capacity

Moventas announces a €17m investment in Finland to significantly increase its manufacturing capacity to over 5 GW to meet growing customer demand for Moventas’ Exceed series gears.

Moventas is expanding its wind gearbox assembly and testing capacity at its manufacturing locations in Jyväskylä, Finland. The investment includes expansion of component manufacturing, serial production facilities and new 6MW testing facilities. The investment expands existing gear manufacturing capacity to over 5 GW, with the ability to expand further as volumes grow. The expansion related construction works will be finalized by the end of 2017 and the additional capacity will be operational by Q1/2018. The overall investment is €17 million and will be done in co-operation with municipally owned real estate company, Jykes Kiinteistöt Oy.

The investment will enable Moventas to meet the growing demand for its Exceed series gearbox. Moventas designed Exceed with 20% more torque density, 10% less size and with 100% proven Moventas technology in response to the market challenge to lower the life cycle cost of wind power. The best-in-class performance from Exceed has been proven in the field with over 1 GW of Exceed gearboxes delivered to three customers in five continents over the past year.

Moventas CEO Arto Lahtela comments, “We designed Exceed to fulfill the market need for bigger gearboxes that could improve the life cycle cost of wind power. This significant new investment in capacity will enable us to meet the growing demand from our customers for Exceed gears. By investing further in Finland alongside our other manufacturing facilities, we can shorten our production lead-times, improve our efficiency and ensure continued high quality standards”.

This investment in overall capacity on assembly and testing will also serve Moventas’ multi-brand service business which sees growing demand for service and repair from bigger gears as Europe’s fleet of wind turbines matures. Moventas has a global network of high quality wind gearbox service centers but the gearbox manufacturing expertise is centralized in Finland. With the investment Moventas enforces its commitment to the region, its local workforce and the efficient international supplier network that has been built around the facility in the past years.

Arto Lahtela

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