Moventas North American Center of Excellence wind service center

Moventas Canada Center of Excellence grows service capabilities

Moventas Canada is now our North American Center of Excellence.

The new 25 000 square foot facility doubles the available space compared to the old location. The new facility was a crucial investment point in order to match the growing demand from the industry and the corresponding business expansion in the United States and Canada. The Center of Excellence location was based on the existing possibility for further facility expansion, alongside with the regional wind industry and following O&M growth, as the North American Windpower association recently wrote about based on the report findings of IHS Markit.

Several investment points were executed to guarantee the shortest possible service time for our customers. New overhead cranes, with 30-ton lifting capacities, and three working bays enable the service of current, and future, wind gearbox units in the MMW class in North America. A refined process flow and inventory handling also enables efficient and larger volume production and provision. The investments will also further improve working safety without compromising lead times or quality.

Moventas is dedicated to remain geared for new energy. Our Center of Excellence investments reflect our dedication to grow and evolve alongside the wind industry needs – to always provide the best multi-brand service solutions available. Benefit from global service experience, locally. The new Center of Excellence will provide our customers the next level field and workshop service that they deserve. The facility will also double as a training center for both field and workshop services.

Our Condition Management System, CMaS, for the North American sector is also now located at the new facility with a dedicated CMaS engineer.

We are excited to host a grand opening ceremony for the new Center of Excellence towards the end of January 2020, for our customers and Moventas staff.

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