Moventas comprehensive Drivetrain Multibrand Service

Moventas is the original wind drivetrain multibrand service provider. With over 40 years of experience in providing service to all major turbine and gearbox variants around the world.

Wind turbines and gearboxes can today be found all over the world. From the cold northern climates and inlands to the warm shorelines of the south. Today, turbines operate in all imaginable conditions. A wind farm might look similar from one turbine to the other – generating electricity from the vast resource of wind. But drivetrain makeups of turbines may vary from turbine to turbine and site to site. From relatively similar configurations to differences from turbine to turbine. Thus, a drivetrain service partner with a comprehensive multibrand portfolio is essential.

Global reach and capabilities

Moventas provides a global multibrand service reach. You receive the service you need, locally. Comprehensive safety verifications and environmental trainings enable us to provide agile service responsiveness. Whether your assets are accessible by road or air, or where a remote workshop location is required. Moventas multibrand service has you covered.

Decades of manufacturing and service experience brings unique insight and capabilities. Moventas has developed uptower toolsets and methods that enable us to complete most of the work at the nacelle. This offers cost savings as crane sizes can be limited or eliminated entirely.

Reverse engineering for us means a deeper understanding and better component availability. Our reverse engineering goes deeper than basic service capabilities. We maintain the capability to manufacture the components in-house after reverse engineering. This translated to faster spare part availability and more comprehensive service capabilities. This places less strain on your operations and maintenance planning. Moventas can respond to your asset needs regardless of the turbine drivetrain makeups at a site.

Condition Monitoring and Moventas CMaS©

Moventas is the only wind drivetrain gearbox OEM to offer an internally developed condition monitoring system (CMS). The Moventas Condition Management System (CMaS) differs from traditional CMS systems. CMaS is adaptable for each individual turbine drivetrain. This helps operations and maintenance planning. Enabling failure modes detection and avoiding unnecessary turbine shutdown(s).

For years, Moventas has used the CMaS system to build a comprehensive kinematic profile library. Due to our comprehensive multibrand experience, this library covers both Moventas and non-Moventas drivetrain profiles and gearboxes. The combination of these features and expert staff creates a system that moves ahead from just monitoring, to active management. No matter what your wind site(s) technical profile(s) may be.

The CMaS is also available in a portable format. CMaS Portable can be installed alongside with regular uptower checks, and easily moved from turbine to turbine.

Moventas drivetrain multibrand service offers the most comprehensive service package. From deep insight to drivetrain operations to spare parts availability and operations and maintenance planning capabilities.

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