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Remote Condition Management

Moventas Condition Management System (CMaS) is a state-of-the-art service utilized in thousands of units worldwide. The hardware can be installed onsite or in a workshop. 24/7 global web portal access and Moventas’ remote diagnostic services provide real-time information on the condition of your drivetrain.

CMaS suits end-users, utilities and turbine suppliers. Guarantee continuous energy production, gain a proactive operations and maintenance schedule or a value adding dimension of trouble-free operations to your product offering.

Moventas has over a decade of experience on CMaS monitoring with an installed base of over 2000 units, including more than 45 turbine types and over 60 gearbox models. With three CMaS Remote Centers in different regions, our customer service is always available. The system is fully scalable with your needs and is suitable for both onshore and offshore use.

Moventas Condition Management System architechture.

Creating €5.5M in savings

With Moventas CMaS, a typical five year old onshore wind farm with 50 x 2MW turbines can generate up to €5.5M in savings during the farm’s remaining lifetime. Round-the-clock monitoring and an early warning system gives you time to react to minor problems before they develop into major failures and downtime, as well as the possibility to optimize your O&M schedules. CMaS also helps our customers better manage their spare parts inventories. The initial investment can be returned in as little as the first two years of operation.

CMaS Portable customer case

Moventas CMaS Portable was developed to provide a temporarily installable CMaS solution. You can choose how many portable units you want to use, depending on your needs and the size of the wind farm. Once the CMaS Portable unit has collected sufficient wind turbine drivetrain condition data in a turbine, it can be moved to the next one. The timespan for data collection can also be defined according to wind and turbine operating conditions. CMaS Portable switches can be done conveniently along scheduled up-tower inspections.

CMaS Portable is a smart, innovative and flexible alternative to permanently installed condition monitoring equipment. It allows the diagnosis of the turbine condition where conventional condition monitoring systems may not be viable. The CMaS Portable system can be installed by a local technician with a 45-minute remote training session, providing maximum flexibility and lowered cost.

CMaS Portable proved its worth recently in Southern Italy, where 17 wind turbines had been monitored only with oil sample analysis and periodic visual inspections. Moventas CMaS Portable noticed that four of the units required up-tower repairs due to detecting severe HSS bearing damage. A number of generator bearing issues were also detected. The CMaS Portable concept was able to provide savings between 80k€ – 160k€ in overhaul costs.

Download the Wind Europe 2019 CMaS Portable poster here.

Choose the Service and Hardware options best for you

Whatever your needs or scale of operations may be, Moventas CMaS can offer you the most suitable smart service solution: Pro, Basic or Lite hardware configurations, a full Moventas Monitoring Service package, Data Access Service or a tailored Customized Solution. If a conventional system is not viable, our portable solution can provide you with an excellent alternative that can be installed during routine up-tower work. The CMaS web portal is always accessible, and our services can be easily integrated to be a part of your daily operations, including intranet integration.


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