Moventas Exceed high torque density 3 MW gearbox exceeded expectations

Moventas sets a new performance standard in the onshore 3 MW wind turbine gearbox class. Testing and verification procedures of the first prototypes of an Exceed high torque platform gearbox have been completed, and the results are even better than estimated.

Launched in August 2014, the Exceed  is a 3 MW and up product platform with the best weight/nominal torque ratio in the market. The Exceed provides 20% more torque density with 10 % less size and consists of 100% proven Moventas technology. Testing and verification showed that torque density improvement was even more significant than expected, exceeding 140 Nm/kg.

– We took measured gearbox values of the technology we’ve been using for a decade and recalculated them with new design methods. As a result, one gets more torque out of a smaller and more lightweight gearbox. This positively affects the levelized cost of wind energy, comments Moventas’ CTO Jyrki Virtanen.

In addition to the superior torque density, the Exceed’s other major improvements contributing to turbine competitiveness are lower weight, smaller size and best in class noise and vibration behavior. Compared to a conventional Moventas 3 MW gearbox, the Exceed is nearly 4.5 tons lighter, under 20 tons. Despite the lighter weight no quality compromises have been made.

The Exceed’s overall noise levels are quieter on both partial and nominal powers. Its maximum vibration level is half the level of a conventional 3 MW gearbox. In addition to the increased performance, tests also showed improved reliability.

Supervised by a classification body, Moventas finished the successful prototype verification process two weeks ago. Serial deliveries of the Exceed will begin in Q1/2016 for two OEM customers from Moventas’ highly modern MMW wind gearbox factory in Finland.
Arto Lahtela
CEO, Moventas

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