Moventas expands footprint to Chinese market

A new address can be added to Moventas locations as Moventas has expanded its business to Shanghai, China. The main objectives for sprouting into the Chinese market is to look for new supply networks, emerging technologies and business opportunities. Many Moventas’ global customers operate in the Chinese soil making it crucial for Moventas to support its customers’ globally.   

At the moment, Moventas has sales and service network operating in Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and three locations across U.S. In Brazil, Moventas has an authorized service partner, Zanini Renk.  

China is the world leader in wind power generation, with the largest installed capacity of any nation making it crucial for Moventas or any wind power industry manufacturer to have local operations in the area. Expanding its business network and supply chain will be the first step in Chinese markets for Moventas. 

Moventas’ new Business Development Manager, Janne-Pekka Yrjönen, will be leading Moventas operations in China. Janne-Pekka has been living in China for two years, gaining good knowledge of the market, and will strengthen our local network there. Janne-Pekka has been working over seven years for Vestas as a leading engineer and drivetrain specialist, obtaining knowledge of various platforms and expertise in Chinese business environment. Janne-Pekka did his master thesis for Moventas in 2010, and worked in the Research & Development department as a project engineer in 2011.  

”China offers unique opportunities for Moventas not just because of the sheer size and the growth potential it has, but also because its rapid development. Having a local footprint, like our global partners, is a natural part for Moventas to capture some of the growth that is expected in the coming years. We also want to serve and support our partners locally and to attract the traditional Chinese turbine manufacturers”, says Janne-Pekka Yrjönen.    

Photos: Janne-Pekka Yrjönen

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