Moventas Expert Services: Wind Gearbox Training

Moventas is a wind turbine gearbox expert and a technology leader with 40 years of experience in the wind energy industry. As a gearbox OEM and multi-brand service provider, Moventas has in-depth expert knowledge of gearbox behavior, including non-Moventas gearbox models. We are happy to help wind farm owners, operators and end users with our know-how and innovative service solutions through our Expert Services.

Moventas offers multiple Expert Services, one of them in the form of comprehensive customer training sessions, on site or in Moventas’ facilities. Training topics cover the whole life-cycle of the wind turbine gearbox, from its design to root cause analysis of failure modes and corrective actions. Moventas can train asset owners about gearbox design, manufacturing, maintenance, and common failures in gear wheels and bearings.

Moventas Italy Training Center 

Moventas Italy has a Training Center specifically designed to offer regular training sessions to Moventas customers. The training center has two gearboxes with which the participants can concretely do endoscope inspections and vibration analysis training.


One of the wind gear units used for customer training

Last week, the Moventas team in Italy executed a training session for ENEL Green Power.

Moventas training sessions are tailor-made to suit customer needs, this time at the core of the training was vibration analysis. The aim of the training is to allow managers, team leaders and technicians to receive the necessary technical know-how and information for dealing with vibration analysis matters in their daily work.

The course covered the fundamentals, and other elements, of advanced analysis of complex drive-trains, which are a typical occurrence in the wind industry. Moventas provided participants with the knowledge and training needed to perform autonomous diagnostic assessment of the clients’ machinery, or the ability to interpret and discuss a technical vibration report received from a vibration specialist.

The training materials always include relevant and up-to-date case studies. The course also utilized the live analysis of data stored in the Moventas databases. The main body of the course consists of the following elements:

  • Vibration analysis basics
  • Frequency domain analysis
  • Time domain analysis
  • Rolling elements bearing analysis
  • Bearing life-cycle
  • Gearbox diagnosis
  • Vibration analysis on wind turbine drive trains


“(Training session at Moventas is) a very profitable opportunity to share knowledge, experience and best practice about vibration-based condition monitoring of wind turbines.”

P. Falzarano, Head of Maintenance and Technical Services of ENEL Green Power.

GWM Renewable Energy joined our three-day-long training session this week.

Thank you for all participant who have participated in Moventas Italy training session from following companies:

  • ENEL Green Power
  • ERG Power Generation
  • E2i Energie Speciali
  • FALCK Renewables
  • ALPIQ Wind Italia
  • CSO Energy (ERG Group)
  • GWM Renewable Energy
  • V.P.C. Energia Pulita


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