Moventas Gears UK – MW Full Load Test Bench Update

The provision of the Full Load Test Bench within our Huddersfield MW Final Assembly workshop offers full MW servicing and gives customers the ability to witness their gearbox on the test bench, engage with local Moventas operations and engineering teams and ensure pain free, reliable and efficient installation up-tower thereafter.

Moventas is pleased with the demand from both local UK and continental European markets and the range of units already serviced and load tested at Huddersfield. Recent references include Senvion MM82 & MM92 platforms, Siemens SWT-2.3 platform and the Nordex N80/N90 platform. The Vestas 2MW platform gearboxes are planned in due course followed by the SWT-3.6 gearboxes in line with market demand.

Feedback indicates customers are seeing a real value in the test bench capabilities and are partnering with Moventas UK to develop our continuous improvements programme and widen the capabilities of the equipment.

About Moventas

The gearbox specialist has made a capital investment in the 3.6MW Load Test Bench, flexibly designed to accommodate Moventas’ multi-brand service approach. Supported by the UK government, the Huddersfield upgrade is part of a Regional Growth Fund initiative. The Test Bench is now operational and supporting customers with their multi-brand MW requirements. The dedicated MW Final Assembly centre also provides the latest workshop procedures and engineering capabilities to serve this growing multi-brand market.

Moventas is the first gearbox service partner in the UK to provide multi-megawatt full load testing, which is an essential part of most gearbox service operations. From now on, serviced gearboxes no longer need to be sent to mainland Europe for testing, which minimises logistics costs and the carbon footprint.

With 35 years of wind turbine gearbox experience, industry leading technology and state of the art manufacturing facilities, Moventas is ideally placed to support the servicing of the UK installed base of wind turbines from its modern, well equipped service facility in the centre of the country. “I am proud to say that the UK wind industry can really benefit from our highly qualified service team, experienced in the service and repair of gearboxes for all makes of MMW wind turbines”, comments Chairman of the Moventas Board, Jim McColl of Clyde Blowers.

Together with Moventas’ further announcement earlier this month about the €17m investment in the new manufacturing facility in Jyväskylä, Finland, the company is leading the way for both install base service and next generation gearbox production.

Moventas can service as many as 20 different turbine brands’ gearboxes covering over 60 models. Focusing on the MW fleets, Moventas UK covers a large aspect of the market including Vestas V80 and V90, Senvion MM82 and MM92, Nordex N80 and N90 as well as the Siemens 2.3 and 3.6 turbines. Moventas UK’s field service team routinely performs a wide range of up-tower inspection and service repairs and upgrades. The Moventas CMaS Condition Management System is used world-wide to provide 24/7 performance monitoring and asset management across its own portfolio of gearboxes and the multi-brand drive trains.

Moventas’ objective is to extend gearbox life on existing fleets, innovate with new gearbox technology for next generation turbines and drive down O&M costs to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Craig Jones
Sales Director UK&I

For more information, please contact: Craig Jones,, Tel: +44 (0)7764 967 180.

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