Moventas launches Extra Life for Siemens 2.3 suite of services

All Energy 2016, Glasgow: Gearbox specialist Moventas is proud to announce Extra Life for Siemens 2.3. It is a suite of after sales services designed to address the failures of Winergy gearboxes in the Siemens 2.3 fleet in both Europe and North America, encompassing upgrades, replacements, up-tower service and spares.

Moventas has recently re-engineered the Winergy 4456 and developed a life extending upgrade, up-tower repair capabilities, replacements and spare parts for this model. Moventas is now able to repair and manufacture or source any component for this gearbox. Moventas has already performed a number of these workshop repairs and up-tower services. This is the second innovation under the Extra Life brand after the GE 1.5 replacement gearbox that was launched in North America at year-end.

The Siemens 2.3 is one of the most popular turbines in Europe. Known gearbox challenges that these turbine owners have are mainly planet bearing failures and overall up-tower serviceability. Moventas has the solutions to repair and prevent these failure modes. Moventas is capable of servicing the Winergy 4456 up to .5 version, and further versions are in the pipeline. Moventas recently simulated an up-tower intermediate assembly changeout in its factory (see video link below).

The Extra Life is about harnessing Moventas’ 35-years of wind gearbox experience for popular fleets that are coming to service age. The methods Moventas has developed remove known premature failure modes to extend gearbox lifetime, providing carefree extra years for older fleets. further Extra Life product lines are underway in 2016.

Moventas field service teams in e.g. Finland, UK and across North America can perform a number of up-tower jobs for Siemens 2.3 fleets among others. Moventas is a able to service as many as 20 different turbine brands’ gearboxes, which adds up to 60 models. Moventas’ after sales service’s objective is to extend gearbox life on existing fleets, contributing to cost-savings and predictability of wind O&M.

Watch video: Up-tower service simulation on the Winergy 4456 by Moventas

Arto Lahtela
CEO, Moventas

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