Moventas launches new Exceed Evo high-performance gearbox to lower LCoE

The new Exceed Evo launched on 25th of September offers +35% improvement on torque density compared to the conventional wind turbine gearbox design and +15% increase from their first version of Exceed. In addition to outstanding performance, Exceed Evo offers the most optimal design and high-quality technical solutions. As a flexible product the new and improved Exceed offers a technology roadmap to all Multi-megawatt upgrades.


Exceed Evo is a result of Moventas’ active product development and it is based on their 35 years of experience in the field of wind turbine gearbox manufacturing. The original Moventas Exceed gearbox was already in a class of its own in 2014, but the new and improved Exceed series gearbox Evo is the next step in the Exceed product line’s roadmap and offers even higher torque density and thus provides competitive edge for wind turbine OEM´s by lowering the LCoE of wind turbines.


The new Exceed Evo wind turbine gearbox is based on customer and industry validated high-quality technology. The track record behind technical solutions makes sure that the new exceed is 100 % proven. To ensure a high performance and quality outcome, the drive train analysis was carried out in an early concept design phase. Moreover, an excellent dynamic behaviour of the Exceed Evo is guaranteed by using plain bearing technology to replace conventional roller bearings. All technology and material selections are gone through a multiple simulation rounds to secure a future-proof gearbox concept.


Adaptability and optimized design of the wind turbine gearboxes have always been at the heart of Moventas’ R&D and a fundamental part of the company´s strategy. The logistic optimized gearbox design provides cost-effective solutions to wind turbine manufacturers. From a customer perspective, Exceed Evo offers a flexible roadmap for optimal Multi-megawatt upgrade and ensures smooth, convenient and uninterrupted opportunities to always utilize the state-of-the-art technology and solutions to the maximum.


Moventas is a leading provider of drive train technology and services in the wind industry and is committed to providing innovative drive train solutions to improve wind power competitiveness. Moventas has ten manufacturing, service and sales units in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The expansion of the Ikola plant in Jyväskylä, completed in May this year, supports scalability for the production of new innovative products, which also enables Exceed Evo’s production capacity to be adjusted to meet the requirements of international wind turbine manufacturers.


Technologies evolve, and the world changes at an ever-increasing pace. New ways to generate, store and consume energy emerge. While the Exceed Evo is the latest landmark in the wind turbine gearbox evolution, development continues. Driven by ambition to offer the best kNm value for money at any given time, Moventas is committed to remain at the forefront and to develop new energy-efficient innovations in the future.

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