Moventas provided wind turbine gearbox training for utility owners

Moventas continues hosting technical seminars for utility companies and other wind industry players about gearbox design, manufacturing, maintenance, and common failures in gear wheels and bearings.

Moventas Spain organized a training day in co-operation with a major utility in Madrid, Spain, at the end of November. The participants were wind farm managers coming from various wind farms in Poland, Italy, Romania, Portugal and France. The agenda was tailor-made to suit their needs considering the warranty periods of the wind farms. Alongside the design, function, maintenance, and operation of the gearbox, the main focus was placed upon the potential failures, root cause analysis, and preventative maintenance.

As a gearbox OEM Moventas has in-depth knowledge on gearbox behavior including numerous Eickhoff, Bosch, Hansen and Winergy models, and we are happy to help wind farm owners and operators with innovative service solutions that enable cost-savings and trouble-free operations of the gearbox.

This seminar was the third one provided by Moventas Spain, and received excellent feedback from the participants. Moventas gearbox training is available for those who want to develop their knowledge on one of the main components in the wind turbines.

For more information about our training please contact your nearest Moventas location or Toni Pääskynen

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