Moventas provides a lubrication upgrade for WinWind 3 turbines

Moventas has developed a special gearbox lubrication upgrade for customers operating WinWind made WWD3 turbines, to extend their lifetime considerably. The first one of these projects will be carried out for Innopower in the Ajos wind park in Kemi, Northern Finland.

This summer, Moventas carries out a lubrication upgrade for ten turbines in the Ajos wind park in Kemi as part of a larger service project. The lubrication upgrade that prolongs turbine lifetime consists of upgrading the entire gearbox lubrication system, installing extra pumps for the main bearings and e.g. adding temperature sensors, changing the coolers and updating the lubrication management logic. With the upgrade, lubrication will also be added in situations where it has previously been insufficient and therefore caused failures.

– We have high expectations for this upgrade. Key main components should last until the end of turbine lifetime. Professional maintenance and condition management enables minimizing potential risks. High-quality components, reliable solutions and professional partners are the secret to wind power’s success, comments Production Manager Raine Laaksonen from Innopower.

Installing the upgrade only takes a few days, but considerably prolongs turbine lifetime, as functioning lubrication efficiently prevents main component failures.
– The installations take a maximum of five days per turbine, depending on the delivery scope. The service project of all ten turbines both on and offshore along with calibration and testing will be completed in August, says Moventas’ Nordic Service Sales Manager Teemu Hyytiäinen.

– We have a long-standing, good cooperation with our partner network for the benefit of customers who own WinWind turbines in Finland as well as the rest of Northern Europe, where these customers’ wind parks are located, Hyytiäinen adds.

Lubrication upgrades tailor-made for different gearbox types are just one example of the upgrade services that Moventas offers for prolonging gearbox lifetime. These include e.g. bearing solution modernizations, ring wheel material and heat treatment changes, housing enforcements and accessorizing. Depending on the service, it can be carried out either in a Moventas workshop in Finland, Germany, UK, Australia or USA or up-tower in a wind park.

Antti Turunen
Senior Vice President, Service

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