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Moventas Introduces Extra Life Suite of Technologies

Moventas Americas announces a breakthrough suite of technologies known as Extra Life, designed to address the failures of the gearboxes in the GE 1.5 fleet in North America. Moventas, the leading wind gearbox manufacturer and service provider, is proud to announce a breakthrough suite of te...

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Moventas partners with Zanini Renk in Brazil to boost local O&M

Brazil Windpower 2015, Rio de Janeiro: Moventas has entered the Brazilian wind O&M market by teaming up with industrial gearbox expert Zanini Renk, who will become a Moventas authorized service partner. With drivetrain experience that’s unparalleled in the area, the two will offer comprehens...

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Moventas receives occupational health and safety certification

Moventas promotes wind industry health and safety standards by receiving an occupational health and safety certification for its Finnish company and Finland-based field service. Moventas has had a documented occupational health and safety system since 2010, and received good feedback on hea...

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Moventas opens multi-brand service workshop in St Paul, Minnesota

Moventas, one of the world’s leading wind gear manufacturers and service providers, today opens a wind gearbox service workshop in St Paul, Minnesota, answering the growing demand for multi-brand expert wind drivetrain service in the midwestern United States. Moventas is expanding its netwo...

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Moventas successfully completes corporate restructuring programme

Moventas, the new energy technology expert and multi-brand service provider has cleared the corporate restructuring programme it entered in 2011. The Santasalo Moventas Group has simultaneously been divided in two, where Moventas and the industrial gear manufacturer Santasalo will both be better...

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Moventas completes 1st ever Clipper up-tower service

Moventas USA recently carried out the 1st Clipper Liberty intermediate assembly roller bearing replacements that has ever been made up-tower.Mastering this type of challenging repairs is another example of the innovative, highly skilled SkyServiceTM that Moventas offers in North America and Cana...

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