Moventas Remote Condition Management System (CMaS©)

Gain a competitive edge with the Moventas digital service solution. Utilize real-time data to improve your productivity and profitability.

Condition Management System

CMaS is a state-of-the-art service installed in thousands of units worldwide. For over a decade Moventas has helped customers minimize downtime and costs, while maximizing the lifetime of the wind turbine drivetrain. Monitor the gearbox and other drivetrain components 24/7 in the digital portal.

Don’t be passive. CMaS provides real-time health condition monitoring of your drivetrain. Anticipate any evolving issues and quickly react to failures with timely updates to alert maintenance crews. CMaS is suitable for all types of wind turbine gearboxes. Dedicated diagnostic engineers monitor the equipment to identify any evolving issues. This allows for quick response and initiation of corrective actions, before any unforeseen downtime.

Moventas CMaS Condition Management System prevents unexpected downtime

Historical trending and decades of fleet experience of over 45 different turbine types and 60+ different gearbox models allows us to be well prepared by stocking strategic materials, and offer unique up-tower repair solutions – keeping your turbines running reliably and profitably.

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Creating 5.5M€ in savings

With Moventas CMaS, a typical five year old onshore wind farm with 50 x 2MW turbines can generate up to €5.5M in savings during the farm’s remaining lifetime. Round-the-clock monitoring and an early warning system gives you time to react to minor problems before they develop into major failures and downtime, as well as the possibility to optimize your O&M schedules. CMaS also helps our customers better manage their spare parts inventories. The initial investment can be returned in as little as the first two years of operation.

Moventas CMaS

  • Provides a real-time health condition of your drivetrain
  • 24/7 remote monitoring, analysis and reporting
  • 3 CMaS© remote centers provide fast local service and support
  • Over a decade of experience with CMaS© gearbox monitoring
  • Installation onsite or in workshop service
  • Reduce risk of unexpected downtime
  • Over 45 different turbines types and 60+ gearbox models under monitoring
  • Cost effective condition based maintenance

A good condition monitoring system provides information, a great CMS like CMaS is an asset management tool.

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