Factory Services
for Wind Turbine Gearboxes

Every gearbox we service is better than when it was new.

Highest quality factory services

Moventas factory service portfolio is based on our research and development work as well as latest manufacturing processes. We are able to upgrade older gearbox configurations with our innovations to correspond to latest available technologies in the market. In case our portfolio is not matching your needs, please contact us. We are happy to offer a solution which suits your gearbox service needs.

To confirm the result of the factory service process, every serviced gearbox is tested with full operational load corresponding to actual operations in the turbine. In testing we measure all critical parameters and the results are shared with our customer.

Testing capacity in Finland, USA, and UK

All gear units serviced at Moventas Service Centers are test run prior to delivery to ensure reliable operations. The Full Load Test Bench in the UK was introduced in 2016.

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