gearbox field service

Field Services
for Wind Turbine Gearboxes

Top-quality service work on the field including cost-effective up-tower service.

Up-tower repairs can significantly reduce costs and extend the life of wind turbine gearboxes

Moventas’ trained engineers and fitters are available to travel where ever and whenever to provide on site inspections, repairs and replacements of key components. We are using only Moventas manufactured original components or components approved by the wind turbine OEM. We’ll climb up when you need us!

Our service teams are at your service for inspections, full helical repairs, high speed pinion & bearing repairs, intermediate and low speed assemblies, as well as planetary sun pinion repairs on multi-brand gears. The ability to repair the entire helical side of the gearbox up-tower greatly reduces maintenance costs by utilizing small cranes in place of large capacity boom and tail cranes.

Benefits of up-tower services

  • Lower cost to traditional workshop service
  • No external crane requirement
  • Early intervention to damages will prevent further damages and unplanned shutdowns
  • Quick response
  • Reduced downtime due to fast schedule
  • Also available for selected non-Moventas gear types

Moventas CMaS Condition Management System prevents unexpected downtime

Moventas CMaS Condition Monitoring System monitors the gearbox and other drivetrain components 24/7. It anticipates possible upcoming failures, responding by providing you with timely updates and alerting maintenance crews. CMaS is suitable for all types of gearboxes, both Moventas units and those supplied by other manufacturers.

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