Gearbox Expert Services

Moventas expert gearbox solutions and customer training.

Moventas expert services

Standard preventative maintenance, such as boroscopic inspections, vibration measurements, oil analysis, and portable CMaS solutions are the cores of our lifecycle solutions. Receive detailed gearbox service reports with clear and specific maintenance recommendations leading to the lowering of your operations & maintenance costs.

Become a gearbox expert

Moventas provides comprehensive customer training sessions, on site or in Moventas’ facilities. Training topics cover the whole life cycle of the wind turbine gearbox, from its design to root cause analysis of failure modes and corrective actions.

Expert solutions

Moventas service expert solutions are not only limited to technological know-how and leadership.

Moventas has for years provided solutions and consultation for entire service projects, even in the most challenging of environments. One such project was the offshore full drivetrain up-tower repairs completed at Vindpark Vänern, and service on the mountains of the Swedish tundra where the Moventas CMaS had detected upcoming damage.

“Being able to implement a rapid exchange is a prerequisite for keeping down production losses as much as possible, and has been part of the decision to use a service partner who acts quickly and takes a lot of responsibility”
-Mats Enmark from Vindpark Vänern Kraft AB.

Know your gearbox

Moventas can train asset owners about gearbox design, manufacturing, maintenance, and common failures in gear wheels and bearings.

Our training sessions are tailor-made to suit customer needs, taking into consideration the warranty periods of the wind farms. Alongside the design, function, maintenance, and operation of the gearbox, focus is placed on potential failures, root cause analysis, and preventative maintenance.

As a gearbox OEM and multibrand service provider, Moventas has in-depth knowledge of gearbox behavior including non-Moventas gearbox models. We are happy to help wind farm owners and operators with innovative service solutions that enable cost-savings and trouble-free operations of their gearbox.

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