Wind turbine gearboxes

Wind turbine gearbox platforms

Moventas has a capability to repair and upgrade most of the commonly used gearbox models by all well-known manufacturers – not only our own.

Your multi-brand wind gearbox service partner for improved operations

Diverse portfolio of turbines might reduce the possibilities for self-performing and therefore multi-brand service partnerships are the key to lower the O&M costs.

Moventas is a multi-brand wind turbine gearbox service provider that has invested greatly in the reverse engineering of competitors’ wind turbine gearboxes over the years. As a gearbox OEM Moventas can evaluate failures in competitor gearboxes to eliminate failure causes, and improve the gearbox performance beyond its original configuration. With Moventas you know what has occurred and how to prevent the same failure from happening again. This knowledge allows you to better manage your fleet while lowering O&M costs.

Our core competences are with Echesa, Eickhoff, Moventas, Winergy (Flender), and ZF (hansen, Bosch, Lohman & Stolterfoht) gearbox platforms.

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