Winergy Gearboxes

We repair and upgrade a wide range of Winergy and Flender gearboxes in multiple wind turbine platforms.

Moventas offering for Winergy platform

Moventas service portfolio is based on our research and development work as well as latest manufacturing processes. We are able to upgrade older gearbox configurations with our innovations to correspond to latest available technologies in the market. In case our portfolio is not matching your needs, please contact us. We are happy to offer a solution which suits your gearbox service needs.

Up-tower service simulation for Winergy 4456 

Moventas is addressing the failures of Winergy gearboxes in the Siemens 2.3 fleet in both Europe and North America with solutions to planet bearing failures and up-tower serviceability. Watch our up-tower service simulation for intermediate assembly change-out in the factory!

Multibrand wind turbine gearbox service

Moventas multibrand service portfolio

Moventas has reverse-engineered, repaired, upgraded and supplied many popular gearboxes from other wind turbine gearbox manufacturers. We continue expanding our product portfolio so that you can select only one supplier for your gearbox service needs.

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