New Replacement Gearboxes
for Wind Turbines

Fast and easy gearbox lifetime extension

Instant access to new replacement gearboxes

Replacement gearboxes lead to the shortest downtime, increasing productivity. Moventas Service also offers an option to receive a refurbished gearbox from our exchange pool, providing a more economic alternative that still injects the latest gearbox technologies, extending gearbox lifetimes.


Moventas’ new replacement gearboxes represent the latest in drivetrain technology, designed to meet the challenging demands of today’s wind turbine operations. Practical expertise, state-of-the-art solutions and research and development provide you with reliable gearboxes. New replacement units are full-load tested considering static, dynamic and extreme load conditions.

Benefits of Moventas new replacement gearbox

  • Latest technology upgrades
  • Short lead times and fast exchange processes
  • Extend lifetime
  • Increase reliability & shorten downtime

A result of years of evolution

  • Wear-free case carburized ring wheel
  • Optimized casted components
  • Integrated 2-row planet wheel bearings
  • Helical gears
  • Optimized gearbox parameters

Moventas multibrand service portfolio

Moventas has completed reverse engineering, repairs, upgrades and supplied all industry standard gearboxes from other wind turbine gearbox manufacturers. We continue expanding out product portfolio so that you can select only one supplier for your gearbox service needs.

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