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Replacement Gearboxes
for Wind Turbines

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New and refurbished replacement gearboxes quickly on site

Moventas offers a comprehensive Gearbox Pool & Exchange Service. We have capability to offer single replacements and fully accessorized gearboxes directly from stock. In many cases replacement gearboxes are on our customer’s site within days. Damaged gearbox is removed and replacement gearbox is installed with the same crane and service team. Thus turbine down times and exchange costs are minimized.

With exchange pool we receive other manufacturers’ gearboxes, which we can repair and upgrade. We have build this service capability with reverse engineering over decades. Our reverse engineering secures gearbox reliability with optimal configuration. After the most modern repair process, the gearbox will be returned to the gearbox exchange pool.


Multibrand wind turbine gearbox service

Moventas multi-brand service portfolio

Moventas has successfully reverse-engineered, repaired, upgraded and supplied many popular gearboxes from other wind turbine gearbox manufacturers. We continue expanding our product portfolio so that you can select only one supplier for your gearbox service needs.

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