Moventas Service Technical Capabilities

Gearbox Expert Services

Extend gearbox lifetime with innovative, proven and fit for purpose repairs. Alternatively, upgrade older gearbox configurations to correspond with the latest available technologies in the market. Benefit from our experience in gearbox research and development, material selection and manufacturing processes. We understand, that the customer has irreplaceable knowledge of the gearbox working conditions and our service experts work with the customer to find the root cause of the gearbox problem, and eliminate any future instances of it. Moventas technical capabilities and workshops will extend your gearbox lifetime.

Elimination of Spinning Bearing Outer Races

Moventas service solution to completely stop the spinning of outer bearing races. The race spinning can cause bearing bore deformations leading to misalignment and ultimately to warping of the high speed and intermediate speed shafts as well as gearbox axels and housing.

Integrated Planet Wheel Bearings

Moventas Service is able to provide a larger WEC resistant and black oxidized bearing, in accordance with tight physical constraints.

This is possible with the incorporation of an outer raceway into the planet wheel. Resulting in a larger bearing with an even load distribution, better radial load handling, and greater planet gear stability. Flexspider technology allows planet pins to compensate for deformations. As an added benefit, there is no outer race that can spin inside the planet bearing.

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