Gearbox Spare Parts
for Wind Turbines

Ensure reliability and availability with Moventas spare parts.

Short lead time, high quality

Moventas sources and supplies gearbox spare parts worldwide for most common OEMs. Availability of parts, local inventories and quick response times lead to savings in your operations & maintenance structure. Maximize your uptime and revenue generation with Moventas spare parts.

Ensuring turbine energy and revenue generation is our top priority. A poor quality spare part can cause a loss in energy generation, driving costs to hundreds or even thousands of euros per day. Moventas uses only the highest quality materials, approved by wind turbine OEMs, maximizing the parts lifetime and turbine uptime while minimizing your lifetime costs.

Genuine Moventas gearbox spare parts are of the highest quality and represent true value for money, assuring service in all conditions to minimize lifetime operating costs.

Moventas Spare Parts

  • Thousands of high quality spare parts in stock available for fast delivery
  • Spare parts in original configuration or upgraded to latest available solution

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