Gamesa Wind Turbines

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Moventas offering for Gamesa turbines

Moventas provides repairs and replacements for non-Moventas and Moventas gearboxes in G4x, G5x, G8x, G9x turbines. Echesa, Hansen, Winergy, Bosch, and Fellar gearboxes can be serviced by our expert level service. Several upgrades are also available to make sure the failures do not reoccur. As an example, Moventas has developed replacement gearbox for G8x and G9x platform from our successful gearbox PLH-1400.

Gearboxes for Gamesa turbines can also be inspected and repaired on site. High speed pinion and bearing exchanges up-tower are a cost-effective way to maintain the fleet in excellent condition. Early intervention to damages in the high speed pinion and its bearings will prevent further damages and unplanned shutdowns.

Moventas PLH-1400.2 for Gamesa G8x

Moventas PLH-1400.2 is the improved gearbox for Gamesa G8x 50 Hz, which guarantees a high level of annual energy production. Over 1,000 gear units has been delivered since 2003 with excellent track record. PLH-1400.2 has a wear-free case carburized ring wheel, integrated 2-row planet wheel bearings, and optimized casted components that ensure a trouble-free gear unit.

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