Full Service Scope for GE 1.5 Fleets

For GE fleets we offer a full service scope for GE 1.5 gearboxes including multibrand replacements, refurbishments, up-tower services and spare parts.

ExtraLife for GE 1.5

  • Extended warranty for your fleet
  • Remove known premature failure modes to extend gearbox lifetime
  • Spot problems early on and solve them on-site
  • Save money, reduce downtime and decrease OPEX
  • Reliable partnership and proven quality from a gearbox OEM with 35 years of experience in wind power
  • The strongest and lowest total cost of ownership new replacement gearbox

GE 1.5 ExtraLife Gearbox Achieves 4x Life

Moventas and SentientScience studied GE 1.5 gearboxes as premature failures in the gearboxes are causing unexpected downtime, and increased operation costs. The premature failure modes were prevented by Moventas upgrades and verified in DigitalClone® Software. The results of the computational testing can be read in our GE 1.5 Case Study.

ExtraLife for GE 1.5 Case Study

What kind of financial benefit do I get from the ExtraLife Replacement for GE 1.5?

Senior Engineer:
Savings vary. However, when you choose the strongest gearbox available for this turbine, you reduce maintenance costs while increasing turbine availability and power output. Gain savings with spare parts planning and predictability from condition management. We have calculated that the total lifetime savings value is at least ~175,000 dollars / 155 000 euros.

Senior Engineer

Moventas multibrand service portfolio

Moventas has successfully reverse-engineered, repaired, upgraded and supplied many popular gearboxes from other wind turbine gearbox manufacturers. We continue expanding our product portfolio so that you can select only one supplier for your gearbox service needs.

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