Senvion Wind Turbines

Quality replacement offering for MD77, MM82, MM92, and 3.4M104.

Moventas offering for Senvion turbines

Moventas service portfolio is based on our research and development work as well as latest manufacturing processes. Besides our extensive portfolio for multi-brand services, we offer new replacement including possible upgrades. Our services for Moventas and Eickhoff gearboxes in MD77, MM82, MM92, and 3.4M104 turbines guarantees the high level of annual energy production.

Gearbox for RePower turbine

Our gearbox for MM82 & MM92 turbines

Moventas PLH-1900 gearbox is a result of years of evolution featuring wear-free case carburized ring gear, optimized casted components, and integrated 2-row planet gear bearings. It is certified by TÜV Rheinland for all variants of MM82 & MM92 wind turbines.

PLH-1900 brochure

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