WinWinD Turbines

Moventas has actively developed its after sales services in order to support the end-users with WindWinD turbines.

Experiences from several WinWinD 1MW and 3MW turbine service projects

Moventas has serviced WWD3 turbines in Eesti Energia’s Aulepa wind park as well as for Haminan Energia and Nelja Energia. In these projects Moventas deliveries have included factory service and installations, spare parts, and in some cases also crane services. In Eesti Moventas was in charge of the project on a turnkey basis. Moventas has also developed lubrication upgrades to Aulepa’s entire fleet. The lubrication upgrade that prolongs turbine lifetime is available to all WWD3 customers.

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CMaS plays a significant role in servicing the gearboxes in WinWinD turbines on time. Haminan Energia’s wind turbines had the CMaS system retrofitted to monitor wind turbine drivetrains and avoid major failures also in the future.

– CMaS is a good system, we absolutely plan to keep using it. Moventas monitors our turbines now and in the future from Jyväskylä, but we also have access to the system and can check on what’s going on in the nacelle.  Considering its qualities, the system is reasonably priced, says Vice President Pekka Raukko from Haminan Energia.


CMaS Condition Management System

Moventas CMaS Condition Monitoring System monitors the gearbox and other drivetrain components 24/7. It anticipates possible upcoming failures, responding by providing you with timely updates and alerting maintenance crews. CMaS is suitable for all types of gearboxes, both Moventas units and those supplied by other manufacturers.

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