Moventas Spain has its’ main unit located in Madrid, the capital of Spain. The office has been operating since 2011, and has a wind gearbox service sales unit, a purchasing department, finance and administration, engineering and quality department and a wind gearbox field service team.

In addition to that, Moventas Spain has a Field Service Center in the Galicia region. Spain is one of the biggest wind energy producers in the world, and Galicia is the leading region in wind energy development with one of the biggest wind power capacities in Spain.

Moventas Spain also has a Service Workshop in Porto, Portugal. Moventas Spain is known for providing fast, agile and professional wind gearbox service for its customers not only in the Spanish region but also in Portugal and all Spanish-speaking countries worldwide.


Our wind turbine gearbox operations and services in this location

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Spain Service Center
Moventas Spain, Sociedad Limitada
Paseo de la Castellana, 141 – 8º

Tel. +34 915 726 442

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