Employee experiences: 10 years

We “sat down” (online meeting) with Teemu Hyytiäinen, Vice President of Commercial Operations, to hear about his just over 10-year journey at Moventas.
Teemu began his career path at Moventas in 2008, starting off from Moventas’ logistics department. Since 2011 he has worked in several roles throughout the service functions, including sales-engineer, product manager, sales manager, sales director and other roles, as the service business has developed.

Teemu is currently in charge of Sales and Operations (S&OP) planning, and Scandinavian sales, as well as the Finnish customer service team. The S&OP team is the link between sales and operations which aims to secure the availability of parts and resources for the forecasted sales. A continually revised process that aims to look 12-months to the future. The customer service team oversees all customer management functions, including deliveries from Moventas factories located in Finland. The sales part of Teemu’s work includes interacting and meeting with customers, though the face-to-face meetings have now switched to online meetings due to the prevailing global conditions.

Teemu at his old logistics stomping grounds.

“It has been rewarding to work with customers as they appreciate the experience Moventas brings to the table, and to liaison between Moventas and the customer to find solutions.” In fact, many of Teemu’s original client relationships have lasted to this day. The possibility to advance and experience different work roles has been a great motivator, he comments. Teemu has played a crucial role in the globalization of the Moventas service functions and gathered experience from the many office locations Moventas has. “An extremely important part of this experience has been the great work community and colleagues around the world”, Teemu adds.

What changes have you noticed in the wind industry during your 10 years?
“When I arrived, the wind industry was experiencing a boom in 2008-2009. I remember well how the PLH-1100 gearboxes were made at an incredible pace for Acciona and GE. The global financial crisis however slowed the industry down. I’m proud we never forgot our customer promise to keep serving our customers during this challenging time – showing a will and ability to survive even the harsher times.”
Despite challenges, the wind industry has grown both in global volume and in turbine size. This has also grown the global service market. “Regional differences have developed through the years, for example due to legislature, so it’s important Moventas is able to adapt to different conditions globally”, Teemu says.

How do you see the industry will develop next?
“I see the industry has great prospects for the future. Wind power has proven it’s a competitive renewable energy source. Some estimates put the global installed base at 2000GW by 2030 – which would be impressive growth!”. Teemu also points out, that such growth will translate to the need to develop new and cost-effective service capabilities and products. “To stay competitive, we have to continue our systematic development work in technology and services.”

Lastly, do you have any pointers for those interested in the wind industry?
“It’s hard to give a universal pointer. There are so many different roles and areas of expertise”, comments Teemu. He however warmly recommends the industry for those interested in it, as you will find likeminded people to work with. “The industry keeps developing daily. There are no boring days and you will always find something interesting to do and learn.”

Taking in the view up-tower.

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