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Technology & Innovation

In-house design and production lead to in-depth competence

Testing & verification

Our gear units are thoroughly tested in-house during their production process. Moventas has several test benches located globally as well as MMW serial testing capabilitites. Each gearbox conducts a complete running-in procedure before gearbox delivery to ensure optimal unit performance. Controlled test load programs confirm and document the gearbox quality in accordance with process control methods.This ensures the gearbox operates to its full potential in the turbine.

Quality & certifications

Moventas quality measures meet the highest industry standards and customer specifications. We actively cooperate with leading universities and research centers, and are a member of AGMA and ECO/ISO. Moventas is certified for quality, environmental, and health & safety management, with ISO 9001, ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001, IEC-61400 and Environemtal Noise Directive (2002/49/EC) standards. We are actively working towards re-certification according to ISO 45001.

Technologies & methods

In-house technologies and methods, such as case carburizing, integrated planet and journal bearings, ensure a competitive solution for lifetime costs of gearboxes. Moventas continually develops and introduces new technologies and methods to the market, with a single objective: cost of energy leadership for our clientele.

Established Track Record

Moventas has an estalished track record over its 40 years of experience and 15,000+ delivered gearboxes. Our integrated bearings solution and Case Carburized ring wheels have been used in over 30 turbine platforms.

Moventas gearbox technology represents the highest torque density in the industry, a metric coined by Moventas in 2014 at the Hamburg exhibition, which has become a part of standard industry terminology.

Revolution by Evolution

Our technology evolution is based on proven solutions and practices. This guarantees that the technology present in Moventas gearboxes fullfills all the quality and reliability requirements.

Moventas remains dedicated to listening to our customers, as well as bringing together industry experts for their insights. Such as the Roundtable Dicussion organized at Bilbao 2019.

Engineering Partnership

Moventas is not only a wind gearbox technology leader. With us you gain access to a gearbox manufacturer who can offer you access to the industry’s leading engineering know-how and insights with which to support your product roadmapping.

Vibration and tonality mitigation

Moventas New Concept Introduction and New Product Introduction process models include processes to minimize turbine tonality risk, starting from a complete Drivetrain analysis utilizing detailed turbine and gearbox models to evaluate noise operative models. Component level optimization is achieved with minimized dynamic excitation to the turbine structure. The rotor masking noise levels and tonality risks can be evaluated already at the concept phase of projects. In addition to theoretical evaluation, on-site testing is used to eliminate any harmful resonance sounds of the structural elements. Six axis tonal testing and mitigation is also a part of our research and design procedure. Our gear units do not vibrate, ensuring low sound levels and the best possible operational conditions.

Superior quality for planetary gearboxes

All wind turbine gear manufacturers recognize the superiority of case carburized gears. Typically case carburization is used only to manufacture external gears. However, very few can execute this combination of material and heat treatment in the construction of the ring gear. The reason for this is cost and the technical difficulty of manufacturing. Moventas has developed the internal expertise to manufacture case carburized ring gears, at the lowest possible cost, as a standard for wear resistance. The next evolution of journal bearing technology will increase their lifespan and robustness of the planetary stage.

Journal bearings offer in the 5.X and above onshore turbines increased product reliability, torque density, and mass savings. Advanced design processes also secure a tonality free end product with the latest and reliability tested technology innovations. Integrated planet bearings were introduced to our own PLH-400 series in 2001. The bearing solution has been successfully validated by field testing of over 10,000 units with an excellent track record in the 3.X and 4.X platforms. The integrated bearing is a hybrid bearing, also available for 5.X and above turbines, where the rollers run on the inside diameter of the planet gear. These bearings offer higher load ratings, making them much more resistant to wear and failure.

Product development cooperation

As wind turbine technology develops the requirements placed on the gearbox also increase. Moventas with its industry leading technology know-how can aid our customers in their development cycle, where the best possible technical solution for the turbine platform can be presented, without sacrificing in quality and performance. Take use of a gearbox concept, technology and design that are customizable to meet your requirements, while creating cost savings from logistics to operations and maintenance.

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