Wind Turbine Gearbox Technology & Innovation

In-house design and production lead to in-depth competence

Testing & verification

Our gear units are thoroughly tested in-house during the production process. We conduct a complete running-in procedure before delivery. Running-in under controlled load conditions reduces surface roughness of the teeth as well as the risk of micropitting and scuffing.

Quality & certifications

Our gear units are manufactured with state-of-the-art machine tools and equipment and the quality and environmental protection measures meet the highest standards. Moventas cooperates with leading universities and research centers and is a member of FVA, AGMA and ISO.

Technologies & methods

In-house technologies and methods such as case carburizing and integrated planet bearing ensure a competitive solution for lifetime costs of gearboxes. We continually develop and introduce new technologies and methods to the market with a single objective: cost of energy leadership for our clientele.

Quiet and efficient gearbox does not vibrate

Moventas has successfully reduced the noise level of its gearboxes by improving tooth accuracy and choosing the optimal geometry and profile. Theoretical evaluation as well as on-site testing is used to eliminate any harmful resonance sounds of the structural elements. To achieve noiseless wind power, the gear unit must not vibrate.

Superior quality for planetary gearboxes

All wind turbine gear manufacturers recognize that case carburized gears are superior, and use case carburized gear technology to manufacture all their external gears. However, very few use this combination of material and heat treatment in the construction of the ring gear. The reason for this is cost and difficulty of manufacturing them. Moventas manufacturers case carburized ring gears as a standard for wear resistance.

Integrated planet bearings were introduced to our own PLH-400 series in 2000, and now we have successfully validated this by field testing of many thousands of units up to 3MW wind turbines. The integrated bearing is a hybrid bearing where the rollers run on the inside diameter of the planet gear. These bearings are more expensive to manufacture but they have higher load ratings making them much more resistant to wear and failure.

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