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Recognizing value in cooperation and future talent

We at Moventas place an emphasis on recognizing individual talent, cooperation with different educational and industrial bodies, as well as a diverse field of science disciplines. Moventas takes part in standardization committees. Enabling us to remain at the forefront of how different standards,...

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Moventas comprehensive Drivetrain Multibrand Service

Moventas is the original wind drivetrain multibrand service provider. With over 40 years of experience in providing service to all major turbine and gearbox variants around the world. Wind turbines and gearboxes can today be found all over the world. From the cold northern climates and inlands to t...

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Bearings, the old new technology

Bearings the old new technology Bearings are found in many applications that we use daily. From bicycles and cars to our kitchen appliances and tools. They play an important role in the functioning of our everyday lives. In fact, bearings have played a role in our lives for thousands of years, at ...

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WindPower Monthly features Moventas journey

As Moventas turned 40 years last year, one of the industry's established publications, WindPower Monthly, approached us - interested to hear and tell all about our history and journey. The long read covers not only the history of Moventas, but of how the wind industry has also grown and developed...

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Exceed Evo+ recognized for technology and innovation

Windpower Monthly has revealed their Turbines of the Year 2020 awards, which covers several categories from onshore and offshore turbines to drivetrains and innovations. Moventas in the 2020 Drivetrain category made it again to the top drivetrains category with the Moventas Exceed Evo+ gearbox, whic...

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Employee experiences: 10 years

We “sat down” (online meeting) with Teemu Hyytiäinen, Vice President of Commercial Operations, to hear about his just over 10-year journey at Moventas. Teemu began his career path at Moventas in 2008, starting off from Moventas’ logistics department. Since 2011 he has worked in several roles throug...

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Employee experiences: 20 years

20 years of Moventas expertise Pertti Penttinen, Moventas’ Head of Engineering, began his career at Moventas in 1999, and has been working in wind turbine gearbox engineering since then. Pertti has worked as a Designer, Project Manager, and since 2015, he has been leading the Moventas Engineering t...

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Employee experiences: 30 years

30 years of Moventas expertise Mirja Ilola, or Milli, as we at Moventas are used to calling her, began her career as a summer employee at Moventas in 1986. Today, Mirja has gained 30 years of experience with gears, wind gears, and spare parts. These years have included many different roles an...

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Moventas industrial partnership in INNTERESTING project

The European project INNTERESTING aims to accelerate wind energy technology development and to extend the lifetime of wind turbine components by developing innovative virtual and hybrid testing methods for prototype validation of pitch bearing and gearbox components INNTERESTING, coordinated by the...

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