Moventas Multi-brand Services
for Wind Turbine Gearboxes

We provide our customers cost-effective gearbox service. We are passionate about innovating service solutions that enable trouble-free operations that lead to lower cost of energy for our customers.

Expert services from gearbox technology leader

Highest quality gearbox service

Moventas is continuously developing repair methods aiming to lower our customers’ O&M costs without compromising the quality. We perform root cause analysis for failures and based on the analysis we are able to suggest corrective actions to prevent the same failure occurring again. This knowledge allows our customers to better manage their fleet and extend the life of the gearbox.

Serving our customers globally

We serve our customers around the globe. Our main manufacturing units are in Finland and our assembly, service and sales units in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific are ready to support our customers. Please find your nearest location from here. We also have an authorized service partner in Brazil, Zanini Renk.

Become a gearbox expert

Moventas can train our customers to become experts on their own gearboxes. We provide a variety of training sessions on site or in Moventas’ facilities. Training topics cover the whole life cycle of the gearbox from the design to root cause analysis of failure modes with corrective actions.

Moventas wind turbine gearbox repair

Workshop services

Multibrand workshop services and latest upgrades.

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gearbox field service

Field services

Cost-effective up-tower repairs and predictive & preventative maintenance.

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Moventas wind turbine gearbox spare parts

Spare parts

High-quality spare parts to any gearbox in the current multi-brand portfolio.

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Moventas wind turbine gearbox up-tower

Replacement gearboxes

Comprehensive gearbox pool and exchange service to reduce downtime.

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Wind turbine platforms

Moventas expert services are available for multiple wind turbine platforms depending on the gearbox type. Browse our service offering by turbine types or contact us for more information.

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Gearbox platforms

We have a capability to repair and upgrade most of the commonly used gearbox models by all well-known manufacturers – not only our own.

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Multibrand wind turbine gearbox service

Moventas multi-brand service portfolio

Moventas has reverse-engineered, repaired, upgraded and supplied many popular gearboxes from other wind turbine gearbox manufacturers. We continue expanding our product portfolio so that you can select only one supplier for your gearbox service needs.

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