Moventas Exceed Evo
Wind Turbine Gearbox

Your launchpad to higher torque density

New ways to utilize available technology and solutions

The Exeed Evo represents Moventas’ commitment to remain at the forefront of evolving and innovating wind turbine gearbox technology. As wind turbine development reaches new heights, so do the requirements for wind gearboxes. The state-of-the-art Exceed Evo wind gearbox continues to set the bar for the competition with a new high strength planet carrier and optimized journal bearing designs throughout the gearbox.

Driven by ambition to offer the best kNm value for money at any given time, Moventas is dedicated to stay at the forefront of gearbox technology and customer solutions – now and for the years to come.

Go beyond conventional performance with Exceed Evo

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Proven technical layout

Moventas designs are based on 40 years of experience in the wind industry. Exceed Evo is a masterpiece of engineering, based on pre-tested high-quality technology with a proven track record. The excellent dynamic behavior of the gearbox is guaranteed by using journal bearings and a high strength planet carrier. Drivetrain analysis has been continuous from the concept design stage. A robust technical layout ensures Exceed Evo meets customer expectations.

Performance meets LCoE

Moventas’ Exceed Evo was designed to offer the best value in kNm for money. Exceed Evo’s 150Nm/kg torque density in the 5MW class is over 35% higher than a conventional wind turbine gearbox. High quality ME materials, high torque density and an optimized and compact gearbox design guarantee added value throughout the entire turbine value chain and operational lifetime.

Agile drivetrain development partnership

Ensure your platform’s best possible energy output. Moventas is the technological partner of choice for future-proof wind turbine drivetrains. We understand that modern wind assets require unique and capacity oriented solutions. Growing market demands and faster product cycles should not be used as an obstacle to create the best possible gearbox solution. Our mature product development cycle ensures the latest technology solutions for optimized energy production, torque density and the best cost-benefit ratio.

Solutions oriented

Co-development and smart logistic solutions are at the heart of our customer promise. With decades of experience in global logistics, Moventas knows all the possible transportation restrictions and limitations, and has developed optimized and cost-effective solutions to solve such issues for our customers. This combined with our ample and growing production capacity, and smart production facilities, makes us an agile global partner.

Based on 40 years of technology leadership

Exceed Evo is the culmination of 40 years of wind turbine gearbox development, manufacturing legacy and technology leadership.

With high strength planet carrier upgraded parameters we have decreased the overall gearbox size. Our journal bearing optimized design guarantees gearbox robustness and simplicity, which improves reliability. Moventas case carburization leading expertise is unique in the wind industry and provides the most wear resistant wind gearboxes.

Exceed Evo Brochure

Exceed Evo – Evolution in Technology

1st stage

  • Case carburized ring gear
  • Optimized number of planet gears
  • High quality materials in gears
  • Upgraded high strength planet carrier
  • Upgraded journal bearing optimized design

2nd stage

  • Case carburized ring gear
  • Optimized number of planet gears
  • High quality materials in gears 
  • Upgraded journal bearing optimized design

Helical stage

  • Upgraded journal bearings in HSS (optional)

Exceed Evo is not just your roadmap to new heights

When we are talking about Torque Density, the original Exceed was already in a class of its own. Exceed Evo technology takes wind turbine gearbox performance to a whole new level, with development continuing faster than ever before. Driven by ambition to offer the best kNm value for money at any given time, Moventas is dedicated to stay geared for new energy.

Moventas has developed the Exceed Evo platform to be fully customizable to meet our customers needs. Our technology and material leadership are a part of the equation that has enabled our strong track record over the last 40 years. With Moventas you gain a gearbox and drivetrain expert that can work with your product development team. Ensuring the turbine operates to its full potential.

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