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In this time and place, the change is eternal and the development continuous. The bar that a while ago seemed impossible to reach, not to mention surpass, soon becomes nothing but routine. In the future, new heights await – while adapting to the inevitable, the smartest ones can come up with ways to turn even this challenge into a groundbreaking opportunity.

The best way to achieve that is to lead from the front.

Go beyond conventional performance with Exceed Evo

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The benefits of Exceed Evo

Product of engineering superiority

Moventas designs are based on over 35 years of experience in the wind industry and therefore Exceed Evo is an incredible masterpiece of engineering that is based on pre-tested high-quality technology. The excellent dynamic behavior of the gearbox is guaranteed by using plain bearings and drive train analysis already at the concept design stage. Also, the track record behind the solutions makes sure 100 % proven technical layout.

Top performance at the lowest possible cost

The cost oriented design and the technology needs to go hand in hand. Moventas’ Exceed Evo was designed from that point of view to offer the best value in kNm for money. The Exceed Evo produces over 35 % higher Torque Density than conventional gearbox design and 15 % increase from the original Exceed, launched in 2014.

Flexible roadmap for optimal Multi-megawatt upgrade

Moventas is the technological partner for future-proof drivetrains. We have created a flexible roadmap for optimal Multi-megawatt upgrade to ensure our customers smooth, convenient and uninterrupted opportunities to always utilize the state-of-the-art technology and solutions to the full extent.

Agile partner with ample product capacity

A co-creation and smart logistic solutions are at the heart of our customer promise. Taking into account of the transportation restrictions and limitations together with our logistic optimized design provide cost-effective logistics solutions to our customers. This combined with our ample product capacity makes us agile partner.

Exceed Evo is your roadmap to the stars

When we are talking about Torque Density the original Exceed was already in a class of its own, but our new technology takes performance to a whole new level. However, the development continues faster than ever before. Driven by ambition to offer the best kNm value for money at any given time, Moventas is dedicated to stay at the forefront – also during the years to come.


Exceed Evo – Improved from the previous version

1st stage

  • Case carburized ring gear
  • Optimized number of planet gears
  • High quality materials in gears
  • High strength planet carrier NEW!
  • Plain bearing optimized design NEW!

2nd stage

  • Case carburized ring gear
  • Optimized number of planet gears
  • High quality materials in gears 
  • Plain bearing optimized design NEW!

Helical stage

  • Plain bearings in HSS (optional) NEW!

The technical solutions behind product

Read more about the 100 % proven technical solutions behind Exceed Evo

Exceed Evo

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