Moventas Huddersfield Wind Gearbox Full Assembly Test Bench

Moventas Huddersfield Gearbox Full Load Testing

Our 3.6MW Full Load Test Bench, the first of its kind in the region, was commissioned in 2016 at the Moventas Huddersfield location, and has been providing the local market with much-needed load testing capabilities ever since.

The Huddersfield 3.6 full assembly test bench is the first and only of its kind in the UK region.

The test bench was designed in-house, utilizing Moventas internal expert gearbox engineering know-how and building upon the experience of previous test bench assemblies already in use around other Moventas locations. Its flexible design and range of integrating adaptors means the test bench is able to support all major platform types in the region, including Nordex, Senvion, Siemens, and Vestas. The test bench has brought a range of advantages to our regional clients, as a local test option means there are less logistical challenges involved in transporting gearboxes. This also generates significant costs savings for the market. In addition, the local test bench offers clients the possibility to witness their gearbox test runs and engage with Moventas operations and engineering teams.

From a manufacturing standpoint, the test bench acts as a quality assurance process. New and refurbished units are run through the test cycles to guarantee component manufacturing quality. This is not only a Moventas internal quality requirement, but usually also a customer requirement. Further, this testing capability is able to prove the effectiveness of Moventas-designed upgrades and quantify the operating benefits of the improved design.

Moventas wind gearbox test bench

All Moventas test benches are equipped with condition monitoring systems to monitor, report and allow the analysis of hundreds of signals concerning the gearbox performance. Gearboxes are tested in accordance with OEM test protocols, as well as Moventas’ enhanced testing regimes to ensure Moventas manufactured or refurbished gearboxes exceed the IEC standard levels. Moventas is also the only gearbox OEM to have developed their own CMS system, the Moventas Condition Management System, which is used world-wide to provide 24/7 performance monitoring and asset management. The CMaS is also available as a portable solution. Our United Kingdom location also houses a condition management system center and expert services.

Key features and parameters during full load testing:

  • Vibration levels
  • Sound power levels
  • Oil cleanliness
  • Temperatures
    • Lubrication system
    • Bearings
  • Lubrication
    • Pressure
    • Functionality
  • Possible leakages
  • Gear Contact Patterns


Service demonstration of Siemens PEAB-4456 up-tower exchange of IMS & HS modules.

Moventas Huddersfield provides a full range of our service offerings, including up-tower inspections, Moventas Condition Management System (CMaS) services and CMaS center, service repairs and upgrades.

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