Moventas introduces Exceed Evo+ high-performance wind gearbox with Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution

Moventas introduces its Exceed Evo+ upgrade for the Exceed Evo gearbox, launched in Hamburg wind energy expo 2018. The Exceed Evo+ contains a new bearing concept, the Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution, which provides a calculated bearing lifetime of 40-years.

Exceed Evo+ is the next step in the technology roadmap developed by Moventas that was launched with the release of the first Exceed gearbox back in 2014. The modular Exceed technology platform, and its roadmap, has been designed to give turbine OEM’s a competitive edge by lowering the LCoE of wind turbines. The roadmap has been designed to provide a modular gearbox technology base that anticipates and adapts to the requirements of the wind industry.

Exceed Evo+ represents Moventas’ 40 years of commitment to our customers and the wind industry. Exceed Evo+ continues the Exceed technology platform’s trend of providing validated industry leading technology in a compact form factor and higher torque density ratings. The Exceed Evo+ supports both medium and high-speed drivetrain turbine variants in the 6MW and above power classes.

The new Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution provides a calculated bearing lifetime of 40-years. Based on Moventas’ extensive experience of bearing technology, research and design, and a decade of field testing, the new solution places the Exceed Evo+ gearbox in a lifecycle class of its own. The Moventas Orbit™ Bearing Solution offers a robust design that incorporates cost value adding manufacturing and supply chain gains for turbine OEMs and streamlines O&M operations for end users.

Moventas is a leading provider of wind drivetrain technology and services in the wind industry, with a commitment to remain geared for new energy – to provide our customers with innovative and validated wind drivetrain products and service solutions. With APQP4Wind compliance and an expanding and adaptable manufacturing and service footprint, Moventas is placed to give our customers the best cost value solutions to suit their needs around the world.

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