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Moventas partners with Zanini Renk in Brazil to boost local O&M

Brazil Windpower 2015, Rio de Janeiro: Moventas has entered the Brazilian wind O&M market by teaming up with industrial gearbox expert Zanini Renk, who will become a Moventas authorized service partner. With drivetrain experience that’s unparalleled in the area, the two will offer comprehensive wind O&M services in Brazil.

Moventas and Zanini Renk raise the standard of Brazilian O&M, as Zanini Renk becomes a Moventas authorized service partner in the area. This is to serve the entire market, and the venture will also play a central role in the future development of Moventas’ key customers’ business in Brazil.

– This partnership is the ideal arrangement for both parties and really taps into the definite market need for quality O&M services, comments Moventas CEO Arto Lahtela.

As the first supplier contracts are coming to an end, the O&M market in Brazil is expected to change profoundly in the coming years. With the decade-old wind industry still expanding in Brazil, the O&M business is expected to grow from significantly in the next five years. Moventas’ multi-brand O&M service philosophy and capability is ideal for prolonging gearbox life with both preventive maintenance and corrective action.

Owned by the Brazilian Biagi Group, Zanini Renk is an industrial gearbox designer and manufacturer, who operates in several business segments such as mining, pulp and paper, sugar and ethanol and energy. According to Mauro Cardoso, CEO of Zanini Renk, the partnership consolidates the supply of wind gearboxes and high value-added services to the Brazilian wind power market, which lacks this competence.

– Zanini Renk aims at to offer its clients and the Brazilian market state-of-the-art technology in all areas, and Moventas, certainly, is the state-of-the-art in this segment. We are sure that this partnership represents a breakthrough for the Brazilian wind power market, he says.

With Moventas’ technical competence and Zanini Renk’s expertise in special gearboxes and its modern industry facilities, the Zanini Moventas joint concept will serve close to the local wind industry. Zanini Renk’s main factory is located in Cravinhos, Sao Paulo, and it runs a service hub in Northeast Brazil’s region close to the major wind corridors.

The service offering of Zanini and Moventas together will cover nearly all services that Moventas offers as a multi-brand O&M partner with 35 years of wind industry experience. Their joint service portfolio spans from consumable spares to 24/7 field service and up-tower jobs operated by the new Zanini Renk affiliate, to workshop service carried out in Zanini Renk’s Cravinhos factory with Moventas standards.

The cooperation was announced today at the Brazil Windpower 2015 event. Authorizing Zanini Renk as Moventas’ service partner is now in a technology transfer stage, completed by year-end.

Arto Lahtela

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